There are a few ways that you can cure toenail fungus. The first of those being oral anti-fungals. Oral anti-fungals have been around for quite sometime and they are made by several drug manufacturers. That said they have many side affects with some that are life threatening. Some of these affects include stomach discomfort, nausea, hives and rashes, as well as liver complications and even heart failure. They also have a high cost associated with them because constant blood tests need to be done in order to monitor the possible damage from side affects due to the drugs nature. Anti-fungals make a footprint on the health of your heart and liver because they must be taken for such a long period of time to be effective. And even though the therapies are so long they do not have a high success rate. There also topical anti-fungals which have an even lower success rate. Some anti-fungals do not come in generic form which contributes to their high cost.

Surgical nail removal for fungal nail infections is not as common for curing toenail fungus. Nevertheless the procedure is sometimes used in the worst cases. The surgery can include the partial or total removal of the nail. Depending on the degree of the infection, the right course of removal is taken. Such extremes such as removing the nail matrix is sometimes necessary in advanced cases. But surgical nail removal is not the best option for many reasons, namely the procedure is associated with lots of post-op pain after the removal. Also depending on where the nail was removed from, the nail can take any where from 6 months to a year and a half to grow back. And even worse, the nail sometimes grows back abnormally. The surgical removal also exposes a patient to the risk of infection due to the extreme nature of the removal.

Lasers can cure toenail fungus by killing the pathogens directly that cause this disease. Because it’s a light it shines through the infected nail, so wherever the infection is, it can reach it. Laser treatment to cure nail fungus is safe, painless, has no side affects, does not hurt the surrounding area of your nail or skin ,nor have an ill affect on your health like oral anti-fungals. You can even return to work immediately afterwards and wear toenail polish the day after treatment. But what’s most important is that its highly effective. In one session you can cure your toenail fungus in 30-minutes.

The laser is gentle on you and has no effect on the healthy tissue around to the nail that is being treated. Some may only feel a warming sensation during the procedure. The laser is applied to all toes on the affected foot to help aid against reinfection and to bypass any infections that haven’t presented themselves.